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Can you afford your dream home?

  • Our mortgage payment calculator estimates how much your monthly mortgage payments will come to.
  • Try different scenarios to test how certain factors will impact you mortgage affordability.
  • Speak to one of our independent advisors for an accurate figure for your monthly repayments.
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Mortgage payment calculator

Mortgage payment calculator overview

We understand that people with different budgets, desires and financial situations will have different needs, and aim to ensure that our service caters for everyone. Whether you are a first time buyer or a veteran of the property market, our mortgage payment calculator will be able to help you to budget.

Our mortgage payment calculator is a simple and efficient tool that works out how much your monthly mortgage payments would be in different scenarios. It enables you to see how different mortgage terms or rates might affect your monthly payments, so try different scenarios to see what our calculator comes up with.

Finally, we have also included an easy to understand graph that breaks down your interest and repayment figures, and a mortgage balance graph to show how your mortgage balance changes over time.

Mortgage payments graph

Mortgage balance graph

Mortgage Calculator Idea Icon

Our mortgage payment calculator can quickly give you a good idea of what your monthly mortgage payments should be in different circumstances. If you would like more help in deciding how to act on your current mortgage, our expert brokers have a comprehensive knowledge of the mortgage market, and will help you get the most suitable mortgage for your circumstances.

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