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How much will my mortgage cost?

  • Whether you’re looking for a ballpark figure or an exact calculation, we have the solution.
  • Our mortgage calculators will give you a good idea of the finances.
  • Our advisors can do exact calculations based on individual lenders’ rules.
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Mortgage calculators

Our selection of straightforward mortgage calculators can give you a good idea of the financial implications of a mortgage. Also, in the case of our stamp duty calculator, the tax implications of buying a property.

How Much Can I Borrow Calculator Icon

How much can I borrow?

Check your mortgage affordability based on your income. This calculator supports multiple income types from full-time employed, self-employed, contractors and many more.

Mortgage payment calculator

Test how different mortgage amounts, mortgage types and interest rates can affect your monthly mortgage payments.

Buy to Let mortgage calculator

For those looking to invest in a property, we also have our buy to let calculator. It is useful to figure out either how much rent you need in order to borrow a certain mortgage amount or the maximum mortgage amount you could borrow based on your expected rental income.

Stamp Duty Calculator Icon

Stamp duty calculator

Calculate how much Stamp Duty Land Tax is due on your purchase in England, Wales and Northern Ireland or LBTT if you purchase a property in Scotland.

Mortgage overpayment calculator

Get a good idea about how much you could save on interest payments and reduce your mortgage term by making regular and one-off overpayments on your mortgage.

Offset mortgage calculator

Check the impact of lump sum and regular savings on a mortgage by using the offset mortgage calculator. This calculator shows the potential saving on your monthly mortgage payments or reduction of your mortgage term if you offset your mortgage against your savings.

Remortgage calculator

By using our remortgage calculator, you can see how much your remortgage would cost and how much you could save compared to your current mortgage deal.

Mortgage Balance Calculator Icon

Mortgage balance calculator

If you have an existing mortgage, our mortgage balance calculator can give you a close estimate of your mortgage balance and monthly mortgage  payment. Significantly, it does so by taking into account your historical mortgage payments and mortgage terms.

Mortgage Calculator Idea Icon

Have an idea about how we could improve our mortgage calculators?

Or wish to suggest a new calculator? In either case, send us your ideas by email to

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