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Is it worth remortgaging?

  • Remortgaging your home has the potential to save you large amounts of money.
  • Our remortgage calculator can give you an idea of the potential savings.
  • Our brokers can compare remortgage deals and secure the most suitable deal.
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Remortgage calculator

Remortgage calculator overview

At first, remortgaging sounds easy – you just switch to a new deal. But when you start looking into it, various options emerge and soon you’ll find that comparing mortgage options may not be that straightforward. Whether you are remortgaging for the first time or have done it before, our remortgage calculator will help you compare remortgage deals.

Our remortgage calculator works out how much your monthly mortgage payments would be under various scenarios. It also enables you to see how much you could potentially save compared to your current deal or if the rate reverts to the standard variable rate (SVR) when your current deal finishes. Have a play around with different remortgage and cost options to see what our calculator comes up with.

Finally, we have also included graphs to show your interest and repayment figures, and mortgage balance graphs to show how your mortgage balance changes over time.

Current mortgage graphs

New mortgage graphs

Mortgage Calculator Idea Icon

Our remortgage calculator can help you compare remortgage options, be it remortgaging early, reverting to the standard variable rate, taking a new mortgage deal from your current provider or from a new lender. If you would like more information about your remortgage options, our brokers are on hand to help you get the most suitable mortgage deal for your circumstances.

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