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Stamp duty calculator

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Choose from three different Stamp Duty calculators to find out how much tax you’ll need to pay for the property you’ve got your eye on. The rules are different depending on the property location, so we’ve got a Stamp Duty Calculator for England and Northern Ireland, one for Scotland, and a third for Wales.

The rules are also different for first time buyers in

  • England and Northern Ireland if you are buying your first residential property for £625,000 or less.
  • Scotland, where the nil rate band of LBTT is £175,000.

Please select first time buyer from the purchase type list if this applies to you.

How much is my stamp duty?

Mortgage calculator

Stamp duty calculator overview

You are liable for Stamp Duty Land Tax if you purchase a property above a certain price in England and Northern Ireland. Currently, the price you start paying SDLT on is set at £250,000 for residential properties.

The amount of stamp duty you are liable for is proportional to the price of the property you are buying. Furthermore, different tax rates apply to different portions of the property price with an additional 3% tax on the whole price if the purchase results in owning more than one property. This table provides a breakdown of the different tax rates and the property price portion they apply to.

Transaction value Basic rate Increased rate
Up to £250,000 0% 3%
The next £675,000 (the portion from £250,001 to £925,000) 5% 8%
The next £575,000 (the portion from £925,001 to £1.5 million) 10% 13%
The remaining amount (the portion above £1.5 million) 12% 15%

As per the new rules that came into effect on 1 Apr 2016, you have to pay a higher rate Stamp Duty when you buy an additional property, such as a second home or a buy to let property. Our Stamp Duty calculator can show you the Stamp Duty payable in this case as well. Simply select “yes” from the last drop-down list titled “Will this purchase result in owning multiple properties?”.

First time buyers stamp duty calculator overview

On 22 September 2022, the UK government abolished stamp duty for first time buyers on the first £425,000 of homes costing up to £625,000, with the next £200,000 taxed at 5%. This new rule, for example, reduces the tax bill on a £500,000 property from £12,500 to £3,750. If you buy a property for more than £625,000 as a first time buyer, then the reduced stamp duty rule does not apply.

Our stamp duty calculator supports these new rules. Simply select “First time buyer” from the “Purchase type” drop-down list.

Purchase price Basic rate
Up to £425,000 0%
The next £200,000 (the portion from £425,001 to £625,000) 5%

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT)  overview

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) replaced UK Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) in Scotland from 1 April 2015.

Similar to Stamp Duty Land Tax, the amount of Land and Buildings Transaction Tax you are liable for is proportional to the price of the property you are buying. Also as is the case for Stamp Duty Land Tax, different tax rates apply to different portions of the property price. But unlike Stamp Duty Land Tax, the additional 4% tax on the whole price is applicable only if the purchase results in owning more than one property and the property is valued at £40,000 or above. The table below shows the different tax rates and the property price portion they apply to.

Purchase price LBTT rate Additional dwelling rate
Up to £145,000 or £175,000 for first time buyers 0% 4%
Above £145,000 to £250,000 2% 6%
Above £250,000 to £325,000 5% 9%
Above £325,000 to £750,000 10% 14%
Over £750,000 12% 16%

Land Transaction Tax (LTT) overview

The Welsh Government has introduced the Land Transaction Tax as of 1 Apr 2018 to replace the Stamp Duty Land Tax. You are liable to pay Land Transaction Tax if you purchase a main residential property above £180,000.

The amount of Land Transaction Tax you pay depends on the price of the property you are buying. In addition, you may be subject to the increased tax rate of 3% on the whole purchase price if your purchase results in you owning multiple properties. For example, when you buy a second home or a buy to let property.

There’s no first-time buyers’ relief in Wales.

The tables below show the tax rates and the brackets they apply to for transactions with an effective date on or after 1 July 2021:

Transaction value Basic rate Higher rate
Up to £180,000 0% 4%
The portion over £180,000 up to and including £250,000 3.5% 7.5%
The portion over £250,000 up to and including £400,000 5% 9%
The portion over £400,000 up to and including £750,000 7.5% 11.5%
The portion over £750,000 up to and including £1,500,000 10% 14%
The portion over £1,500,000 12% 16%

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