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How much mortgage can I get?

  • You may be in steady employment with a fixed income every month, but you might not.
  • The details of your income are just as important as the total figure of your pay package.
  • At BlueWing Financials, we can help to find the best mortgage deals based on your income.
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Mortgage based on salary

Getting a mortgage as an employee can be a straightforward or a complex task. It all depends on the circumstances of the buyer.

Whether you are in full-time employment, starting a new job, a key worker or on maternity leave, a lender will decide whether you can afford a mortgage based on salary and any other income sources they allow. This guide explains most common cases of a mortgage based on salary.

How much can I borrow?

In a simple case, you have been in the same job for over 2 years, have a basic salary with no additional items (e.g. allowances) and only tax and national insurance are deducted. Your borrowing potential will depend on your salary.

However, most employees tend to have a bit more complicated pay structure. For example, in addition to a basic salary, other items may also appear on the payslips that lenders will take into consideration.


Dependent on what type of allowance it is, lenders may use 50-100% of it.


Commissions are normally a different amount every month, so lenders average 3-12 months’ figures.


Dependent on how frequently you get it, you may need to prove 2 years history of it.


Dependent on the frequency and the amount received, lenders will assess it differently.

There are numerous other potential items, which may or may not be accepted by lenders. Those lenders who do accept them, will consider these items during the affordability assessment based on their individual lending criteria.

In short, you may have heard that lenders can potentially lend up to 5 times of your income. However, dependent on the details of your income as well as other factors, such as your age and outgoings, you may find that the maximum can be far less than this.

Salary deductions

An often-overlooked aspect is that the deductions appearing on your payslips will also influence the mortgage amount you can borrow. (We don’t mean tax and national insurance here.)

The items in question may include pension, student loan, childcare voucher, employee benefits or company share purchase scheme deductions among others. Naturally, all lenders assess these differently too.

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Why would an employee need mortgage advice?

We will ensure that a suitable lender is used to get you the best mortgage deal. In addition, we also consider lending criteria in relation to your credit history, the property you choose and many other aspects that may impact on your mortgage. To find out more and to see how we can make a difference, contact our advisors for a free assessment.

Getting a mortgage with a new job

From time to time, everything happens at once. You may change jobs just when you find your ideal home. As long as you have a satisfactory work history, even if you’re moving from self-employment to employment, there may be a mortgage option for you.

The good news is that you can get a mortgage during the probationary period.

However, lending criteria differ in this case as well. Some lenders will accept your new job’s income even ahead of you starting that job, let alone being in the probation period. Others would need you to start the new job and yet others require that you are out of the probationary period before the mortgage application is submitted.

So yes, you can get a mortgage with a new job and while on probation, but the lender will have to be selected carefully.

Getting a mortgage on maternity leave

Being a new parent is very exciting and it brings new challenges. One of them is managing the family finances.

While the mother (or sometimes the father) takes parental leave, their income will reduce temporarily. Lenders recognise the transient nature of this period and are normally willing to consider the return to work income.

As income proof, you may need to supply payslips before the maternity leave and/or a letter from the employer about the expected return date and salary.

However, getting a mortgage while on maternity leave also requires you to consider childcare costs once you return to work. This cost item will have to be part of the affordability assessment to make sure that you budget for both the mortgage and the childcare.

Key worker mortgage

This option was more readily available a few years ago, while nowadays only a few lenders consider it. Even those lenders who accept it, do it mostly on an exceptional basis. As a key worker, you will definitely benefit from professional help in terms of both identifying a suitable lender and arranging the mortgage.

However, the phrases “key worker scheme” and “key worker mortgages” are still bouncing around.

It is important to note that housing associations may prioritise key workers when allocating properties under the Help to Buy, Rent to Buy and Shared Ownership schemes.

Although these property schemes are not just for key workers, you may get priority, if you are considered to be one. For example, a teacher, nurse, firefighter or a prison officer.

Other special circumstances

How about a mortgage using second job income, fixed term contract income, umbrella payslips, income paid in a foreign currency and other potential employed income types?

They can all be used, although subject to lending criteria of each individual lender. This means that there is no universal answer and each case has to be assessed on its own merit.

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Looking for a salary mortgage calculator?

Our “How much can I borrow?”calculator below has an employed section that takes into account your salary and allowances. It is a good starting point to get an idea of your borrowing potential.

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How much can I borrow?
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Stamp duty calculator
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